Happy New Year to You?

Have you said those words to someone since the beginning of the year or have someone said them to you? Most probably. It’s the standard greetings for this period of the year. And I want to wish you the same here.

I really wish that this will be your best year ever in terms of everything. Success in your family life. Promotion at work. Breakthrough in your business with no sickness, no worries and so on. And I really wish that is your lot this year.

But guess what? If you’ve been old enough to read what I’m writing here, you know that all that is a mere wish. Yes, I really do wish that they happen that way for you; just as I wish that they happen for me. But the reality is that if you leave it as a mere wish, you’ll be sorry for yourself at the end of the year.

A wish is an expression of a desire, something we hope for; something we would be glad for if it turns out the way we expected it. So to wish for something does not necessarily mean that it is mandatory for us to have it. This is why a wise man once said that if wishes were horses, beggars would be riding it. visit:-happynewyear2022status.com

To have a happy year, as we have been wishing for one another since the year began, we have to work it out; we have to make it happen. The responsibility is ours.

For example, if last year wasn’t too great for you in a certain area of your life, and you continue to do exactly the same things that led to the unhappiness that you expereinced last year, there is no way you can have a happy new year, notwithstanding if the rest one hundred million plus Nigerians wish that you have a better year.

So take responsibility. Determine to make some changes. Start with your relationship with GOD. Make a quality decision to know Him better this year. Find out what He says about your future and trust Him to make it happen for you.

Then look at your income sources and ask yourself this important question: what can I do to improve it? In what ways can I render superior service to the people who pay me for my services so that they will be happy to pay me more?

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