Hotel Chairs, Hotel Tables, and Hotel Furniture

When considering hotel furniture the U.K. hotel owner, whether a large hotel chain or a single owner must think about finding a balance between choosing hotel chairs and tables that are of a quality that attracts customers and encourages them to come again and recommend the hotel to their friends and being affordable enough that the cost of them does not wipe out any benefit that replacing the old hotel furniture may bring. In these toughest of economic times when banks are at their most cautious with new lending this consideration is especially important and many private owners may consider deferring renewals until the economy improves.

Many may not be able to – if their hotel furniture is to the point that it is worn out then the owner has little room for maneuver – to wait could mean disaster because they will lose their clientele and so their revenue stream. Of course another consideration is that the disastrous U.K. economy has led to a rapid and extreme fall in the value of the GB Pound again every major world currency, especially the U.S. Dollar and the Euro.

While this has had a real negative effect in terms of the cost of hotel furniture from the USA, Europe and the Far East, the positive effect is that U.K residents considering a holiday for their family this year are sure to be aware of how much extra a holiday to any European country will cost them and must have heard horror stories from their friends about how much more a pint or a meal costs now, let along accommodation if they are arranging this themselves. So there will be many potential holidaymakers in the UK planning a British holiday this year rather than a US or European one. So for the coastal trade and established areas of tourism this must be good news this year with rising demand giving the hotel owner the opportunity to enjoy high occupancy and even – heaven forbid – increase their room rates a little.

Right now there is a bewildering range of hotel furniture available. A simple internet search of hotel furniture will bring up many Companies offering anything from the most modern to the most traditional ranges of hotel chairs and tables in wood or steel, fully upholstered or with solid seat. When choosing a style that is right for their hotel the owner can consider the kind of client that they are attracting already and think if they need to keep the style the same or make changes to reinforce the style they have created or make changes in order to attract a different kind of customer. Of course the interior of the rooms must play a part in their choice too, as a hotel with oak timbered rooms is likely to look more than a little strange with modern chrome plated stacking chairs and steel framed tables! hotel furniture 

A traditional hotel looks very attractive with wooden chairs for the bar area, with wooden framed bar chairs with some upholstery at least, traditional designs like the ‘Mates’ or ‘Captains’ chairs being favoured. With these, wooden framed tables with turned wooden legs can be bought in a variety of sizes, round, rectangular or square. Because these are made of natural timber they can be finished in any colour from the natural shade of the timber used through to an attractive rich brown walnut, deep red mahogany or dark Jacobean oak colour. So whatever interior style the dining room has, the hotel tables and chairs can be made to complement it.

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