Mercury enters Scorpio on the 24th of October and will remain here until the twelfth of November. 


It’s difficult to say what we truly mean, particularly when we talk about sentiments. Indeed, even with the nearest companions, we have a characteristic safeguard instrument to drive individuals away, precisely in those minutes when we feel generally helpless. We keep a piece of ourselves down, and we are particularly watched regarding uncovering a reality about ourselves, here and there, incidentally, even to ourselves.  scorpio zodiac sign


Painting: Rene Magritte – La Reproduction interdite 


Mercury in Scorpio gets us in contact with the profundity of our sentiments and assists us with managing those sides of ourselves that we are typically cover-up. Our consciousness of the hidden inspirations of our contemplations and insights is expanded at this point. 


Mercury is an individual planet, along with Venus and Mars, so it has to do with how we identify with others and our relational connections overall. 


Know that if you are not legit with yourself about your thought processes and sentiments when speaking with others, your oblivious or secret plans can hurt others in any event when that was not your aim. Nonetheless, if you approach your collaborations with trustworthiness, the Mercury in Scorpio travel can carry an extraordinary chance to work on your connections drastically. 


Activities during this travel.


Burrow profound to get what truly drives you in your associations with others – for what reason do you connect for contact, for what reason do you should be perceived and appreciated? What are you terrified of? What matters to you? 


Ponder the idea of genuineness. Why is being untruthful, in any event, misrepresenting or overlooking to specify something, so hurtful? 


Do some examination and examination on some dubious subject – what you will discover may alter your viewpoint totally on that specific point. 


Peruse wrongdoing or secret book 


Look at the idea of “extremist genuineness.” The thought behind it is to come clean, regardless, consistently. Look at the web; you will discover a lot of assets. 


Consider the ramifications of coming clean – would you be able to come clean and be benevolent in a similar time? We as a whole realize that coming clean is the correct thing, be we ought to endeavor to get it done with sympathy. 


Have a legit discussion with your partner or with a dear companion or relative. Try not to rationalize; attempt to bring down your safeguards, and let your defects be seen.



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