The Importance of Waterproof Workwear

Waterproof workwear has never been more important in ensuring that your workers are able to work in all conditions. Making sure that staff are dry and comfortable at all times will ensure that they are productive and efficient as possible. Read on to learn more about why waterproof workwear is so important, and some of the things you should look out for when choosing it for your staff.

Types of waterproof workwear

There are several different types of waterproof work clothing; the 2 main types are jackets and trousers:

Waterproof jackets – The first, and perhaps most important item of waterproof work clothing to go for is the waterproof jacket. This can help your workers to remain dry at all times. For added comfort and in colder weather, you may want to go for fleece-lined waterproof jackets for your workers. These will ensure that as well as being kept dry, they are also kept warm at all times.

Waterproof trousers – For workers who are likely to have prolonged periods of exposure to rainy conditions, waterproof trousers are also essential. basement waterproofing nj

Choosing the right fabric

When choosing waterproof work clothing, there are many different fabrics to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you may want to go for either water-repellent or water resistant material. There are literally hundreds of different waterproof fabrics to choose from, offering various levels of protection for the wearer. Which of these you go for will ultimately depend on your requirements, how long your staff are likely to be exposed to the rain, and your budget.

Breathable waterproof workwear

As well as protecting the wearer from the elements, waterproof workwear should also be breathable, meaning that the wearer remains at a comfortable temperature, with their sweat having chance to rise to the surface. Breathable fabrics resist water droplets from passing through, whilst at the same time allowing water vapour from underneath through.

High visibility waterproof workwear

Depending on the conditions your workers are faced with, you may want to equip them with workwear which is not only waterproof, but also highly visible as well. This is particularly relevant for workers who work on, or near busy roads, in adverse weather conditions, or other situations where visibility is especially poor. In some professions it is a legal requirement to wear high visibility clothing.



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